about-lightsoutla.orgHi guys, I am Michael K. Craft. This is my blog about gym practice.

I am a gym trainer and I have been working for the fitness center near my house for five years. My story with gym is quite interesting and I feel that it is a miracle to me.

When I graduated from the university, I was very high and thin. My girlfriend also broke up and ended our 3 – year love story because of my lifeless body form. That made me disappointed for some first weeks but after that I had more motivation when I came across a fitness center. Then I decided to take a gym class for one year.

During practicing, I had experienced different types of gym machines but I had no plan to practice. That was why I could not see any better result. After three months, my body did not change too much and I decided to ask the trainer. He required me to handle my plan next day and in the next afternoon, I gave him my plan with schedule and goal. Since then, the trainer helped me a lot.

After six months, I felt a lot of changes in my body form and I gave my trainer big thanks for helping me during a long period. I also continued with gym every day and now I become a trainer for a small gym class.

Here, there are a lot of machines for practicing effectively. Every member can do exercises with the machine and there are also tips for them to reach their goals more quickly. In this blog, I will give you instructions for each exercise with gym machines and equipment. Also, there will have more tips and tricks to choose gym machines if you want to practice at home.